May 08, 2016

Saturday. Jazz

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Woke up around 7am. What a feat. Normally would sleep past 10, 11 am on weekends.

Accompanied Emma to CPS jazz festival. Chickened out, not wanted to drive. So decided to call up a uber.

On the way to the south side was lovely. My uber driver, Donna, was an elegant elderly woman. Nice classical music playing. Nice chat. I even thought myself finally managed the art of chatting with strangers. Easy, pleasant, nothing forced.

Got to Keywood academy around 12pm.

Beautiful school. Going from elementary to high school is absolutely an upgrade. Beautiful center yard, tall trees, flowers blooming, exuberant colors. Inside the high school, many portraits, art works, large canvas, impressive paintings.

While going to bathroom, i wondered around, almost lost my way.

Emma/Mr. Schneck's group was on the 1:30 slot. The kids were doing very well. Their band is the most diverse Jazz band of all bands performing there. A lot of girls, a lot of instruments, violin, ukelele. They are also the only elementary /junior high kids there, however, they played as good as other much taller, much bigger kids.

At the end of each performance, someone (they called adjudicator) came up to the stage critiquing, commenting, working with the musicians on stage. Emma's group got all great marks, Sounds, rhythm, structure, stories, they talk about music as if they were talking about a novel.

Because of the group's arrangement to stay and have ice cream for celebration, we stayed and listened to the rest of the bands playing, adjudicators commenting, coaching, critiquing. I was also reading on my kindle most of the time, however, music, the sounds, surrounded me. Feel like an explosion of sounds.

Afterwards, we went to the nearby ice cream/chocolate fudge shop. So many kids, so many chocolates, so much ice cream. As usual, chocolates, ice creams are always lovely to look at and dream of. Emma threw 3 quarters of her ice cream away. She stayed by my side, not mingling with other kids. When other adults asked her questions, she answered shyly. The Emma at home is quite different from the Emma around other people. The same. Me at home is quite different from me anywhere else.

It was finally over around. I felt exhausted. Got another uber. Rode quietly home.

Sunday, May 08, 2016
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