May 11, 2016

Half of a week

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The first half of the week has been just work, work, work and work. Feel like the Rihana's work song. However, did not get any of glamour. Just work, glued on the computer type of work.

I get what i bargained for. Exchanged my boredom to slavery.

Well, not all is bad. I somehow enjoyed it, somehow dinners are still made, every night, Yung still read to me. How to train your dragon. I still read to him. Harry Potter and the Soccer's stone. He reads 4 to 5 pages, I read a whole chapter.

Harry Potter is not too bad, now I see. On my first attempts, I never passed the part where Harry talked to a Brazilian python in a zoo. Now, I can speak about Griffindoor and professor Snape with some confidence.

Sunday was mother's day. The kids all (other than Emma) did their fantastic job bringing me some mother's day pampering.

Yung made a All about my mom book, Annya wrote a super emoting poem. She is still working on her scratch program. Annya and Emma built a super fancy mine-craft monument for me, all silver, gold, lapus lazuli.

Feel like an Egyptian.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016
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