September 07, 2014

China 2014

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Yung was too young to remember our first trip to China.  He must have thought we were flying directly to Grandma's house:  Mommy where are these people in the airplane going to?  They are going to China Yung.  Are they all going to Grandma's house too?

We all had a nice time visiting family.  Mommy's family treated us very well and tried not to let us spend any money.  The public toilets, which are basically a whole in the ground, is probably the biggest adjustment for the kids.  Emma had said, Dad, I just saw the biggest poop that I have ever seen.  Yung and Annya would try to hold their pee.  It came to the point where we had to bribe Yung to use the restroom with a treat.  Just make sure you bring your Chinese dollar and your own toilet paper.

I guess a 15 hour one way flight to China wasn't enough for Mommy.  Mommy thought taking a 10 hour bus ride one way into the mountains was a good idea.  So we did go to Jiuzaigou Natinal Park.  The bus ride wasn't too bad.  We had our $1 Chinese Yen ready for the potty breaks along with a couple of bribes here and there.  See some of the attached photos from one of prettiest mountains in China:

It rained most of the day; a little water doesn't hurt anyone.
Background is unbelievable.
This is Yung's favorite Aunt.  Mommy, I love you but your Sister is so beautiful.

Anya's five year old cousin.

Yung's second favorite Aunt.

They call this the rainbow color lake in Jiuzaigou.  Clear, cold and beautiful.

Here are a couple of pictures from the meat and dairy market in Chengdu.  Meat and eggs so fresh that they don't need to be refrigerated.  Don't think the butcher was too happy I took his picture.  Glad he was taking a cigarette break.

Authentic Chinese food.  No American Chinese Rolls.
Our oldest nephew.  Great help with our trip to Jiuzaigou.

Someday we may return to China.  The kids need to know where their history and family is from.  At the very least they can say that they have been in China not once but twice.  We did bring back a very big part of China.  Grandma will be with us until January.  The kids will always remember their Grandma from China.

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