July 12, 2014

Who are we?

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One day Emma makes comparisons with Chinese and American people.  She has chosen the American side.  I kindly remind her that the only reason she is American is because she was born here.  Normally when Emma has a question google is usually involved.  Once in a while she will throw me a challenge up instead of a fast ball. Daddy if two Americans go to India and decide to have a baby.  Will the baby look Indian or American?

Annya can become a great lawyer if she chooses.  She has no problem asking anyone for anything.  Annya has taken Yung under her wing.  One day she asked Yung if he asked mommy to bring home treats?  Yung replied no. Annya replies in a loud tone, Yung, if you want to get treats you have to keep on asking and reminding mom until she brings us some.

I was finishing up my shower and Yung knocks on the door.  He said hurry up Daddy, I want to take a bath.  I then turn the water on for his bath.  Later, I ask Emma to check on the bath water.  She said that the door was locked.  Ask Yung to open the door?  Yung unlocks the door and Emma tells him that he isn't allowed to lock the door.  Yung replies, If Dad can lock the door when he takes a shower, why can't I?

Saturday, July 12, 2014
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