June 30, 2014

Frozen in Summer and Violin/Guitar recital at Music house

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Summer has finally come. Or has it? It has been swinging wildly from hot to cold and so cold. No matter, the schools are closed and we are officially in Summer. The summer started with thunderous (to me) applause for Annya's performance at the concert Anna and the Snow Queen. Annya played the deliriously happy snow man (Olaf), with a snowman suite and snowman hat. She did it, much to my relief, she sang and danced, made all the right moves, and looked astoundingly confident and as deliriously happy, which made me incredibly proud and happy.

Way to go, Annya.

 Emma also did a great job strumming her guitar on stage. Even Yung was at his best, singing solemnly and with all the right gestures and expressions.

 The next day, Emma and Annya did a great job performing their guitar and violins at the recital.

 Emma on Guitar: Aura Lee and Red River Valley

 Minuet #2

 Perpetual Motion

Monday, June 30, 2014
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