May 18, 2014

Yung's first party

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Yung's first invited party was at a water park.  We are walking through the pool and headed towards the slides when three of his class mates come by and say hi.  Yung says hi and we continue our walk to the slides.  He then looks at me and says, "Daddy she is cute right?"  Yes, mijo she is cute.

Innocent friends:  Time to change from the wet clothes and get ready for the party room.  Yung is already dressed in the men's locker room.  One of his class mates Father takes his daughter to the men's locker room.  She escapes her father and starts talking to Yung about his frozen book without any clothes on.  Neither one has a problem that she isn't wearing any clothes.  The whole conversation was about the Frozen Book until dad finally realizes that his daughter had escaped.

After the party it was time to do a little shopping.   Mijo, did you have a good time at the party?  Yes Dad, I had a real god time.  Dad, I'm really hungry and thirsty.  If I don't get something to eat and drink, I will die in five days.  You don't want that to happen, right Dad?  No Mijo, I don't want that to happen.  

Sunday, May 18, 2014
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