March 09, 2014

Yung Turns Four

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Yung would always say that when he turned four he would sleep by himself.  I would just smile knowing that it wouldn't happen.  Sure enough, the night he turned four, he lived up to his promises.

Yung said goodnight and went to sleep in his bedroom.  Sometimes he would make it through the night but most times; half way through the night he would return to mom and dad's bed.  This lasted about a month.  Then one day after working a week of nights,  mom said that Yung no longer goes to his room at night.  So the next time mom yells at dad saying that Yung is spoiled, I know who she is talking about.

Emma made a nice train birthday cake for Yung.  Emma, Annya and Yung are all doing well in school. They are also taking violin classes.  Looking forward to a warmer spring.  The Summer may take us to another trip to China...

Sunday, March 09, 2014
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