January 05, 2014

Winter Get A Way

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We left home at 32 degrees with icy roads.  The trip to Tennessee was pretty much clouds and rain all the way. There were some positives:  The temperature kept on rising, there were no unnecessary potty breaks and no one asked are we there yet? Tennessee temperature was a nice 73 degrees.  The hotel room was a little muggy so it was time to turn on the air conditioner.  Mommy asked if I turned on the air conditioner?  No, why would I turn on the air conditioner in winter?

Next stop Orlando, or should I say Disney Florida.  Never made it to Orlando, Disney owns just about all the property in the area except for one of my favorite stores Walmart.  Florida didn't disappoint with a high of 84 degrees.  

Florida was Florida, you cant say anything bad.  The Disney parks were beautiful and after watching the bank account going down I can see why.  The two places we really enjoyed was Magic Kingdom and Disney Studios. The kids had a great time everyday but that doesn't really say much.  We can probably put the kids in a square box of sand with a little water and they will find a way to have a good time.

After leaving Disney we went to Tampa for a few days.  Visited my brother and his family. Mommy then thinks it would be a good idea to take our first canoe trip on a Florida River. I tried to tell her it was too cold and that it may rain.  That didn't work.  So we arrive at the river and Mommy wants to be funny and asks if there are any crocodiles?  The attendant says no, they only have alligators and he wasn't trying to be funny.  We survived but Mommy and Emma managed to find the only tree branch in the river.  It only took then 15 minutes to get out from the branch.  They also were able to get close to a alligator.

Mommy blogged before I did and took most of the better pictures and videos. This was one of my favorite pictures.  We took a dolphin tour.  At first we saw no dolphins half way through the trip.  Started to wonder if we could get our money back.  Then we found two dolphins and a second tour boat.  The two tour boats race side by side causing a wave that the dolphins enjoy. The dolphins then start to showboat by jumping in and out of the water.

Sunday, January 05, 2014
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