September 01, 2013

Summer is nearly gone ...

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Summer is nearly gone, the kids are back to school again. In fact, they have never been out of school. They have just been in and out of different schools (out of Hawthrone, in Wonder, then out of Wonder then in Hawthorne. 

Life did not stop or suck (will maybe a little for me) while I stopped blogging. Louis did successfully close 2 deals: selling our little much crowded small condo and bought a 3-story town home. 

Yes, we have moved! 

The new house is a delight. Louis and I searched all deals on lights, paintings. Louis painted every inch of the house. The kids and I put our heads together searching for refrigerator magnets, bathroom wall stickers, wall clocks. 

And, we never fail to brag about our apple tree located in our farm house. Three years ago, Louis and I spent 14 dollars on a bare apple branch. Now, the apple tree is the mother tree of hundreds of shiny red apples. And the best part of it, the apples even taste good. 

Sunday, September 01, 2013
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