June 17, 2013

My Day

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We left Mommy at home and celebrated Father's Day without anyone that could say no to us.  First decision was lunch.  Kids where do you want to go?  Annya and Yung love McDonald's with a play land.  We ate at McDonald's, which Mom hates, then we went to the show and saw Epic.  The movie was nice but it seems the story line is used too often.  You basically have good guys and bad guys.  Bad guys try to destroy the jungle and of course the good guys win and save the jungle.  

After the movie we did a little grocery shopping and of course, treats for the kids.  Yung picked a kitkat and Annya wanted gum.  Emma told Annya no, because Mommy doesn't like gum.  I then told Emma if that is what she wants, let her have it, besides Mommy isn't here.  Emma being Emma didn't want anything.  We then ended the night with pizza and chicken nuggets.  

The kids had great gifts for me.  Emma made a nice card with a gift bag with a can of root beer, "pop" corn and a piece of chocolate.  Emma yelled at Yung when he drank some root beer.  Had to tell her that root beer is actually soda.  Annya also made a nice card and a special letter.  Yung made a key chain and gave me a framed picture of himself.

Anyone who tells you that raising three kids is easy are lying to you.  Each child is unique and have their own beliefs how things should be done.  But when you have a nice time like we did, the frustrations of kids growing up are forgotten.  Hopefully everyone enjoyed Father's Day like we did.

Monday, June 17, 2013
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