December 11, 2012

The Next Chapter

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Emma and Yung searching and reaching for the stars.  Someday they too will become stars.

This is our little Princess Annya.  She is the perfect daughter until you take her video watching away from her: then she becomes not so perfect.  Annya is doing very well in school so we let her have video nights on Friday and Saturday.  

 Daddy, are my glasses too big?  No Mijo, you can never have too much protection.

This is Mommy proud of her engineering skills.  I was glad that the building inspector took the day off.

2012 has left us.  We are all healthy and reasonably happy.  It has been a learning and fruitful year.  These are a few highlights:  Emma learning how to play the electric guitar and riding her bicycle.  Annya starting kindergarten and becoming a strong reader.  Yung attending a new daycare and getting potty trained.  Mommy didn't yell at Daddy too much.  

It is great to see the kids grow and experience life.  Each one with different dreams and personalities.  Someday soon they will be young adults and contributing to our world.  No matter how big and how strong they become, they will always be our little Emma, Annya and Yung.  2013, we are ready for you. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
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