December 05, 2012

The kids are all right

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Ah, December already! There almost went 2012. With the joint effort of Louis and me, we managed to pull in about 28 posts, with half of them probably simply pictures and videos.

Very convenient. That is probably why people say 1 picture is worth 1000 words.

Annya has developed some sort of video addiction. She watched her Barbie movies 20 plus times, pony TVs who-knows-how-many times, now she discovered another show called Octonaut, she would beg, cajole, wail her life out if we say no to her (we say no anyway). I can see how she would fail the many tests and temptations on her way. But she is doing great at school, at least so far. She can read and did read many books. 1st grade math is a piece of cake for her. The kindergarten is so easy that she sometimes feels so proud and she also wonders why.

Yung has a bit of barbie-and-princess mania too, but it pales in comparison with his love of Toy Story, and balls. At home, he is a bit whiny. At home, he is also constantly fighting with Annya one minute, then play the next. But Yung is an angel at his school. His teachers gave him glowing reviews, and can see no flaws in him. I wonder what I did wrong at home.

Emma is almost the perfect daughter. She plays with Yung, helps out with dinner, policing Annya vigorously. Sometimes I want her to slacken off though, so I said to her, Emma, it is ok to eat some junk food, ok to watch Barbies movies 100 times. Emma is a bona-fide Harry Potter fan now, so the Harry Potter books I bought for her finally no longer just sit there gathering dust. She is doing great in school, other than the communication piece.

The kids are all right.

(As for me, just busy as usual. In Sept. I picked up Guitar, now I think I am good enough to entertain myself and the kids, the next goal is to become a recording artist. The following is the )

Wednesday, December 05, 2012
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