December 31, 2012

Our winter / Christmas / New Year break

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The winter break for Emma and Annya is also the Christmas and the New Year break for us, so we went to a couple of places, whipped up a bunch of not-so-presentable cakes, collected a bunch of presents. Of course, we took numerous pictures and videos still waiting to be processed.

For Christmas, we went to Louis' dad's (dad's dad's) house. Immediately after we got there, Annya and Yung checked the colorful presents lying under the tree. Then Annya begged before and after dinner to open the many presents that don't even belong to her. After which, we loaded our car full with toys and all sorts of things. Not bad to have a dotting grandpa, uncle and aunts.

Anny still firmly believe in Santa, even when we paid for the fancy dress, shiny shoes and hair clips right in front of her eyes. She asked: Did Santa put them in the store so you can get them?

I wish!

For new year, we went to the winter wonder-fest at Navy Pier. Navy Pier is almost like an extension of our playground. We went there routinely for the Children's museum, even paid for a full-year parking. The wonder-fest is definitely a wonder of colors, though winter is a far cry (do we still have winter?).

Emma is in a full mode of being a photographer, click, click. She was taking pictures of the trees, houses, ornaments, the snow flakes projected on the floor. Somehow she refused to participate the play. Oh, well ... Yung and Annya had great time running through the obstacle course, climbing through the ladder, then sliding down.

What fun!

We also went to a couple of parties to meet with my friends (though I really have very few!)

That is 2012!

Did we have good year of 2012? I guess! Just one year older. A good thing for the kids, not so good for me. But at least I learned to have a lot of fun with my guitar, and cooking!

Monday, December 31, 2012
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