October 20, 2012

Emma turns 9

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Happy Birthday Emma, it has been four years since we meet.  It only seems like it has been  a year.  You are now taller, smarter and sometimes ask too many questions.  Your best years are yet to come.  I'm just glad that I can be just a small part of your life.  Emma waters the roses and then cuts them to give to Grandpa.  She is like a little rose bud herself.  All she needs is a little more water, sunlight and in time she will become even prettier then the roses she cuts.  

Annya has started kindergarten.  She has made the transition well from preschool.  This is a picture of Annya getting ready to be the first female President.  She is just an arm length away from the red emergency phone and the panic button.  Her only demand is to watch more fairy movies.

Yung is handling the terrible twos very well.  Once in a while he gets a little whiny, but quickly gets over it.  If you can give him a ball and chocolate he would be in Heaven and life couldn't get any better for him.  Hopefully his love for balls will help him become the great person we are hoping he will be.

Saturday, October 20, 2012
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