September 12, 2012

Raging against CTU

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I have been raging against CTU, every moment i read the news, every moment I saw the teachers in red dancing on the streets, at the CTA platforms, blocking the traffic ...

I am too small, too inarticulate, too powerless, too much of nothing.

But I am still raging, every day I say Goodbye to my two little girls who have to stay home, my oldest daughter has to play teacher for her little sister while my husband sleeps after working overnight.

I am raging, knowing the teachers making scandalously low progress or no progress in teaching, knowing that they make unreasonably, unjustifiably high salaries (710000 mean average) than every other working folks and they are still asking for more, and they are still taking all the winter vacations, summer vacations, spring breaks ...

I am raging, when I see them holding signs saying: "This is not about money". Yes, not just about money, it is about not taking responsibility, accountability. It is about fighting for their own rights, while leaving the children who they are supposed to be teaching, they are paid to teach, on the streets, at home.

I am raging, raging at city or the whole system is making concessions after concessions, being held by the nose, not able to fight back.

I am raging that I am not among the rich, that I can just pluck my kids out of the system and leave.

I am raging, knowing once this settled, once teachers laughed at everyone on their face, get their money, their pensions, their unshakable job securities, I have to send my kids back, yet I would forever have to view them from a different angle ...

I am raging ...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
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