September 13, 2012

Negotiation 101 - Learning from CTU

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Congratulations on the CTU win! Take your time to celebrate, take a breath, no worry about Friday. If you want to take next week off for whatever reasons, we are all for you. Besides, Chicago schools are pretty much all crap anyway. You have our hearts and souls. You have Rahm's heart and soul.

CTU almighty!

I learned some negotiation strategies from CTU, call it negotiation 101:

1) Control the conversation. Be front and center. Just like Karen Lewis. Do you see Rahm anywhere through this thing? Maybe for 5 mins.

2) Be sincere, make some good one-liners. For example, tell everyone on strike: "This is a difficult decision". "To beat a bully, you have to stand up a bully". Or something like that. If my kid ever get bullied, I am just going to ask her to throw bricks at the bullies. Man, the union is good!

3) Be adamant. Refuse any, every proposal, until the complete or near complete caving-in. Do not worry about being fashionably late at the negotiation table. Let's see who's the boss.

4) Rally your friends and allies. Tell them: hey, teachers, ya'all dance and sing, have a good time. Hell, they did have a good time. Now even better.

5) Prevent any possible revenge. Rahm, you city is going to go broke? Not my problem, show me your money. Or wait, that is taxpayers (parents) money. Not my problem.

6) Make it clear. If your enemy think they are close, tell them it aren't so.

Very well done, CTU.

Can I join?

Oh, too bad, all openings are full and will remain so for the next 100 year.

Thursday, September 13, 2012
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