September 12, 2012

I want to be CPS teacher now

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I want to be a CPS teacher now. I have two master degrees in education. I want in completely for the love of children, for quality equcation, though a median 70k a year plus the vacations certainly do not hurt.

I love teaching, I love childrens, seriously, but the full benefit package certainly enhance my love 100 percent too.

I have a family, so they need coverage too. It is lovely that CPS just promised to freeze the health care rate for all us teachers. Damn, this strike thing works.

Do not get me wrong, I will work very hard, other than dealing the students who never want to read a word, the parents who never listen to me, I will prepare my lesson plans, at least once in 10 years. I will grade students' shitty 100-word essays that have 99 words spelt wrong. By the way, it is completely not my fault that those little monsters cannot spell, the class size is too big, there are at least 28 of them, there is only one of me. The weather is too hot, Chicago is too violent, and those stupid SATs or whatever is too hard. I am too fat, too old to give it a damn. So do not evaluate me.

If you have to evaluate me, please do evaluate what I do, which is a lot. Please forget about the test scores. What do those parents do? Do they ever listen to me?
Do they just expect I do all the work for them. LOL.

Response from CTU 1 year later:

Sorry, the CPS currently is full. please try again in 10 years. Please be warned, we have a pool of laid off teachers will be considered first.

Response from CTU 10 years later:
Sorry, the city of Chicago has bankrupted. Down with Rahm Emmuael. Long live the union.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
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