September 17, 2012

Against UNION

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As students fail in classrooms and in real life, they get Ds and Fs, they fail to graduate, to get a job. Teachers, too, need to be fairly evaluated, if necessary, failed. Getting in the door or staying in the system for 10 years or more is not a one-way ticket for being rewarded as the best teacher. When students fail, as parents, we are trained to inspect ourselves and try harder to help our kids, teachers, should not they do the same?

Everything in life is a matter of give and take, everything is a dance of expectations and compromises, constrained by circumstances. When the city is nearly broke, when the schools of Chicago are at the near bottom, and the teachers are being handsomely paid, and still guaranteed more and more, is there any ground for sending parents and students in a limbo? I would like to see some apologies to already-struggling parents who lost their jobs or their pay-checks because of this.

We all get routine quarterly evaluations, based on performance (yes), percentage of goals reached, and the company's performance as a whole, why teachers would not acknowledge they have failed our schools? Instead, they complained parents do not cooperate, students come in classrooms stoned.

Every year, hundreds of parents waiting/fighting anxiously over, betting their life, on one spot at schools like Hawthorne, why? Because there are so many schools that suck, that if you send your kids there, you practically ruin them for life. Why? Because those schools need to be completely transformed, reformed. You cannot say teachers have done a good job, you cannot say teachers deserve their eternal job security.

I love the teachers at Hawthorne, I love Miss Murphy, Ms. Wilson, Ms. Espinoza, Ms. Elsabaie, in fact, all the teachers. But I also love new teachers, I have seen them have such hard time getting in, where is their fair chance?

Despite all the concessions, despite giving in on all grounds, despite we put our jobs on hold, lock our kids at home, the union is still "UNHAPPY". Anything more to give in?

We will come back, Hawthorne will come back, after all, teachers need to teach, our kids need to be educated. Still, please know, if you treat all teachers without differentiation in the name of fairness , you are treating some teachers unfairly, you are treating students unfairly.

We will come back, but I must say, at least for me, the wound has been cut so deeply, it will take time to heal, trust to be rebuilt.

Union once is the voice is depressed and oppressed, now they are a voice of depressing and oppressing.

Yes, I am against UNION.

Monday, September 17, 2012
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