August 17, 2012

Back to school

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It is just about time to go to Walmart and give them several hundred dollars for back to school supplies.  Annya will be starting kindergarten.  Daddy, I need to clean my sleeping blanket for school.  Annya, your sleeping days are over, you are now too old to sleep at school.  Are you sure Daddy?...   Daddy, I have a secret to tell you.  It is ok if you want to tell someone later the secret.  I'm going to tell you in your ear so no one else can hear. Daddy, I don't remember if I'm 5 or 6?  Annya, you are 5, next year you will be 6.  Thank you Daddy.

Yung is doing well in day care.   His major motor skills are very good. Yung loves to play ball, it doesn't matter what type of ball he is happy, ready and willing to play.  He loves balls so much that he can just look at pictures of balls on the internet and be satisfied.  We have just painted his room and we are getting ready to put ball stickers on the walls.  He hasn't seen the stickers so it will be nice to see the smile on his face. Yung is also expressing himself more by using sentences, this is one of my favorite sentences.  Daddy, Daddy I can't fly, please help me get on the bed!

Emma is taking the big sister role and running away with it.  She folds the clothes very well and yells at Annya to do the same.  Emma helps mommy with lunch and dinner and can cook several dishes on her own. Every night she serves a bowl of ice cream to Yung and Annya before bedtime.  She is also very sharing and economical.  At the store she is always asking how much does it cost and do we have enough money to pay for it?  The other day I took Emma and Annya to the store and Annya wanted a snack (candy).  Annya picked out her snack.  I then asked Emma if she wanted something to snack on?  Emma replied, no thank you Daddy.  All I could do is smile and say no, thank you.

Friday, August 17, 2012
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