June 02, 2012

Potty Training

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Yung is about 70% potty trained.  He is nearly 100% trained at daycare but tends to give Mommy and Daddy a hard time going to the potty.  His answer to going potty is always NO.  We have learned that giving him bribes has helped.  At first Emma did a great job of tricking Yung into sitting on the potty several times but Yung quickly caught on and even gives Emma a hard time to sit on the potty.

The other day I bribed him by using the I-Pad, we watched train videos until he finished pooping.  Seriously, an I-Pad, my mom never used an I-Pad for me, all I could think of is what will Yung use to get his kids potty trained?  Here is a picture a Yung sharing one of his bribes with Emma and Annya.  When we were shopping, Yung spotted chocolate cupcakes.  Of course our answer was no;  but at time we were trying to get Yung to use the potty.  We then told him if he used the potty he can have the cupcakes.  He then went to the potty so we then bought the cupcakes.  There is a rumor going around that Yung is already potty trained but is going to milk all the bribes he can and share his rewards with Emma and Annya.

p.s. One day Annya and Yung are in the tub playing with the bubbles.  I can hear them from the next room.  Yung tells Annya that he peed in the tub.  Annya then tells Yung that it is okay because no one is going to find out:)

Saturday, June 02, 2012
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