May 10, 2012

All about my mom - Emma's work book

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Ah, it is mother's day again. And of course, Emma gave me the best present.

This is her book titled: All about my mom (A school project, nonetheless, super sweet).

Diagram of my family

I love my mom because she's unique. She helps make me do the right thing, like trying to make my own decisions. She can also be a good website builder, and teacher. She taught me how to put an image on my blog. My mom is supporting. She helps me get smarter by making me do third grad math. My brother and sister fight and argue about who's mom she is. "She's my mom!" "No, my mom". "Not all yours!" "Mine!, Mine!" I also hope that I could have more of her, but I don't want anything better than my mom.

How to be a mom!
1. Scold your kids at a certain time
2. Always make sure your children are safe
3. Change diapers

Fun Facts of my Mom!
My mom is deaf when reads
My mom is really good at reading. We try to speak to her when she's reading but she just answers with a "mm".
My mom is really, really, really, really good.
My mom was born in china.
My mom is a website builder.
My mom is the best cook.
My mom is the best mom.
My mom has a blog

Thursday, May 10, 2012
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