April 30, 2012

It is not magic, it is science

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I stumbled upon a book titled "It is not magic, it is science!" (sort of "it is the economy, stupid!"), immediately I was hooked. So did the three little kids, from the one who has a bit of science mind, to the little one who just would not miss the fun.

Now it is science experiment / magic night everyday!

The most notable, Steel Eggs. We put 4 eggs in an egg carton, then my little army of little kids piled books upon books on the eggs. Remarkably, the eggs stood strong as steel. I stopped counting after 30, i think the eggs finally gave up after 50 or so, only because I did not put the eggs completely evenly.

The next one: Magnetic water. We put water in a glass about 3/4 full, then using a cardboard for its lid. Then we flip over the glass. Oops, the cardboard were completely able to stop the water from gushing out, at least for 5 seconds.

Too bad, we had so much we did not take pictures, but i would really want to video-tape the whole experiment.

Next time.

Monday, April 30, 2012
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