April 12, 2012

Busy us

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I have not blogged for a long while. Busy. Lots of work. Work at work, work at home. Plus I have acquired a great number of new interests in cooking, arts and crafts. So I have conquered Italian art of pasta making, now I am trying my hands on tilapia, samon, i also make muffins and bread, bananas, blue berries.

I always get eager helpers. Whenever I open my bag of flour, i will have little hands fight to crack eggs, scoop up flour, mixing, if only for the first couple of minutes. Yung always loves to set little muffin cups in my muffin pans. Then the kids will look in awe at the shapeless lumps grow bigger and plump.

Our crafts section have grown, we make everything now, cards, mobiles, butterflies, paper flowers ... Emma is always the artistic one. Yung is always the onlooker. We always wish he might as well be sleeping while we are at work. Annya is always iffy in terms of whether she will have enough patience to finish her piece.

Thursday, April 12, 2012
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