April 30, 2012

The big, fat, fun birthday party

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Annya is turning 5. She complained that she never had a birthday party before (not true, just not the kind where a lot of little kids attended). So we planned a big party for her with FasTracKids (who are experts with kids from 0 to 12); Annya also really really wanted to have a princess cake, so I searched a bit online and made a fabulous cake for her as well; we also designed and hand-crafted our invitation card with stickers, glitters, and hand-drawn "things".

We had the party on Saturday. It was a big, fat and fun party.

19 kids showed up and brought 19 presents for Annya (We eventually lost track of who gave what, will just send out a general but sweet probably messy Thank-you card to the kids).

All 19 kids had a fabulous time. The cake time was the best for me and for Annya. I was basking in the compliment of my fabulous cake, Annya was thrilled that 19 kids and unknown number of adults were singing a choir "Happy Birthday to You". She laughed and successfully blew out the candle.

To keep daddy from feeling ignored, we (a bit reluctantly) did a second family party on Sunday.

All was good. Pictures and videos to follow.

Monday, April 30, 2012
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