February 25, 2012

Modern Technology

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Emma continues to do great. The other day Daddy volunteered to help in Emma's technology class. Or should I say Mommy volunteered Daddy to help in Emma's technology class. Daddy being such a trooper decided to go help the younger generation. Besides, how hard can a second grade technology class be? Big mistake. I walk in and see Apple computers. Just got use to switching over to Windows 7 at work and now I'm staring at computers with Apples I know nothing about. Things suddenly become brighter when the Teacher said that we are going to watch a video. Unfortunately the video turned out to be a five minute video instead of the 30 minute video Daddy was hoping for.

Daddy quickly learns that printing a document only requires the Apple button and the letter P. My first question from a student was a cropping question. How can I make this picture smaller? I didn't think the Apple button and letter C was going to work here. Daddy tried but I could only move the picture, couldn't make it smaller. I then told the student that the picture was the right size and didn't need to be smaller. So I just told her to raise her hand again after I left if she really wanted a smaller picture. Daddy then found a student with a math problem. Daddy can now hide behind my new favorite student and teach math. Daddy was done teaching math, it was time to check on Emma. Emma was solving question after question without any hesitation. The kid next to Emma then started to have log in problems and was asking for help. It was almost time to go. Emma, your neighbor needs some help. Show him how to do it, ok Daddy. I survived my first technology class, but how many times can you dodge a dodge ball?

Saturday, February 25, 2012
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