January 12, 2012


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It is a feat to simply have three kids. How did you manage it? I got the question a lot. I smiled, yeah, it is a lot to manage. But yep, we managed to be mostly a happy bunch.

One thing about have a family of five is that you bump into someone’s birthday a lot. Daddy’s birthday bumps into Annya’s, mommy’s bumps into Yung’s.

Yung is about to turn 2 year old. I have forgotten to check all the milestones, but pretty sure he probably has made them all. What a good boy he is! Happy, mischievous, dynamic, beautiful… He sleeps in his own crib mostly (mostly the first half of the night, then he crawls over to snuggle with and kick mommy and daddy); he sings, ABC in full, Wheels on the bus and other songs in bits and pieces; he counts, with or without the help of fingers, in varied orders: 1, 2, 4, 13, 11; Yung is completely un-potty-trained, he pees and poops in his stinky diapers. We have a lost battle here.

The problem with too many kids is that, each of the kids get less and less time with mommy. Good thing is that they get a lot more time with each other. Both Emma and Annya have been readers to Yung. And they have no clue how to read to a 2-year-old. Emma swings in two opposites: too dramatic, with shrieking or baby-ish voice; or too formal; Annya is always self-centric, that once she starts to read, she forgets about Yung and digs her head in the princess pictures and do not even make a sound.

To all of us, Yung is our superstar. This is a little more true to Daddy, a little less to Annya. Daddy is very spoiling to Yung, Yung hangs on daddy like a monkey on the tree, Daddy let Yung use iPad whenever for whatever; Annya, understandably, wants all spotlights on herself. But they could be good buddies, play together for a long time. So long so well that it made Emma jealous.


Thursday, January 12, 2012
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