December 05, 2011

Yung, then and now

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In late August in China, I felt I definitely lost the invisible battle of my son Yung, 19 months old, vs my sister's son, 25 month old then. 6 months did not seem to be much, but my sister son was one head taller and one hundred times more capable of saying whatever he wants to say. Besides, he was very well adjusted, not a bit whiny, certainly not on his mom's breast. In comparison, all Yung could muster his courage to say is: No. With his pretty face and big eyes, he stared at anyone who tried to talk to him and shot back: No. No. My sister's son was also a bit of a bully, at one time, he kicked Yung, and Yung just cried hopelessly.

Fast forward to NOW, it is different from THEN. Six months actually do make a lot of difference.

Yung can say pretty much anything now. He is still not making much of a sentence yet, but he is a fabulous copy cat and even managed to be poetic occasionally. One day, he looked at moon and said: Hello, Moon; when we walked into a building and moon disappeared from view, he said: Moon gone!

He is a deft user of the word "Share". When he wanted to have something that Annya is having, he says: Annya, Share. After a few times, if he does not get it, he would say angrily and emphatically: Annya, Share! Share!

He starts to tell on his sisters as a means of defense. One day, he said, Annya hurt me.

The silent days of one-directional booking-reading finally became a much more enjoyable experience, because Yung is an active reader now, he has a stack of favorite books with favorite pages, he knows every animal in his animal book, he loves the series of Piggie and Elephant. He also is heavily influenced by his sisters that he would ask for princess books. Duh.

Monday, December 05, 2011
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