December 26, 2011

Santa Returns

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Last year Emma had her doubts about Santa Claus. She asked Mommy if there was a Santa Claus. Mommy being from China wasn't a very good supporter of the man in the red suite. She believes honesty is the best policy and told Emma the truth. I believe that there is a time and a place when you just have to lie to your kids. Emma being a great reader that she is, stumbled over a book about the man that lives at the North Pole. Deep down in her little heart she would love to believe that there really is a Santa Claus but she is now older and much wiser. Emma is a trooper though, she continues the tradition and tells Annya she better behave or there will be no gifts from Santa.

Annya does believe in Santa Claus but she is a little more realistic. Daddy, where did you get your new jacket? From Santa Claus Annya. So, Santa Claus gave it to your Sister and your Sister gave it to you? Yes Annya. Unfortunately one of Annya's Santa Claus gift was lost in the mail. We then took Annya to the store and had her pick out her own gift. Mommy then tells Annya that this is her Santa Claus gift. Ok Mommy, Santa Claus gave it to the store and then you bought it for me right?

Yung has heard of Santa Claus but doesn't really know what type of gig he performs. He didn't care as long as the gifts kept coming in. Each gift opened his eyes wide and smiled from ear to ear.

Daddy, when is the next Christmas? It is next year Annya. I can't wait Daddy. Me either Annya:)

Monday, December 26, 2011
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