November 05, 2011

Yung's First Halloween

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About two weeks ago we bought two pumpkin baskets for Halloween. A blue one for Yung and a purple one for Annya. At first Emma said that Annya already had a basket and didn't need another one. Daddy then checked the price of the basket. It was $1 per basket. Emma, I think we can splurge on a second basket for Annya.

For two weeks Annya took the basket to preschool and Yung also took his to daycare. It became an extension of their arms. Even bath time couldn't separate them from the baskets. The baskets became buckets of water to play with in the tub. I will try to attach a video of Yung singing to a Chinese song and dancing with his pumpkin basket at a later time.

Halloween night finally came. Emma was a Chinese Princess, Annya was Snow White and Yung was a second head attached to me, Mr. Potato, I carried him during our search for treats and he carried the goodies home in his blue pumpkin basket. Yung is too small to be scared by the ghosts and witches creeping around but he wasn't too small to say trick or treat. One thank you wasn't enough. He was so excited receiving treats that he would say thank you several times when his basket received something sweet to eat. Annya kept on asking each time we left a house giving treats, Daddy are we going to one more house? Emma was just concerned about the quality of candy she was receiving. She eyeballed every single candy dropped into her basket.

One advantage to having three kids is three baskets of candy. Unfortunately the first night Yung was moving about 100 mph after eating more of his share of candy and couldn't sleep. We still have left over candy and the kids aren't shy to ask for some to eat. Today was a nice sunny day, Emma had art class so we decided to take Yung, Annya to the park along with of course their blue and purple Halloween baskets.

Saturday, November 05, 2011
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