November 02, 2011

The Flavor of Halloween

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We adults may be obsessed with celebrities, for little girls, it is princesses in castles. The glitter, glamour, the dress, the romance. Now with Halloween, they have the most legit reason to be a princess in public. So for this Halloween, Annya dressed as a snow-white, Emma as Arial during the day, a Chinese Ge-Ge (Princess) in the evening. Louis did not care, so we made a Mr. Potato out of one of his baggy TShirt. Yung did not care either, so he was just himself.

Snow-white and Arial costumes were bought at Walmart for cheap.

We adults may also have many other vices, drinks, fatty foods, for little kids, the one irresistible thing are candies. Halloween also offer them a free dive in sweets. So on the Halloween Evening, Louis took the kids out, braved the spooky houses, walked among witches, vampires, more sweet looking princesses, they harvested baskets of Candies.

Well, let it be. Let the teeth be rotten.

I, in the mean time, discovered the possible thrill of creating costumes. It is of course cost effective! I decided to make costumes myself next year.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011
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Robert Foo said...

Can I join in my dear? To be naughty as a child again.

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