October 02, 2011

Emma's Art

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Emma's art gets better and Mommies expectations get higher. Mommy tells Emma that if she really wants to become an artist she needs to try harder. I thought the picture was pretty good and had doubts that Emma even drew this beautiful picture. I think it is too early to worry about her art skills. If she was nine then I would be concerned about her potential.

Annya continues to believe that being whiny is the way to get attention and something that she really wants. Mommy has tried over and over again talking with Annya; Annya please don't whine, nobody likes a whiner. Ok Mommy, I promise I won't whine anymore. 15 minutes later Annya has found another reason to whine. Sometimes she whines so much that she starts to laugh thinking that this was a silly reason to be whinny about. Hopefully she will grow out of it soon.

Yung's knowledge and vocabulary continues to grow. During the morning drive to school I have to acknowledge every school bus, tree, truck etc. Daddy bus, Daddy tree, Daddy truck etc. His favorite word is no. I have never heard him say yes. Either his answer is no or a silence with a smile means yes. Hopefully he will become just a little like Emma and Annya. One who doesn't talk too much like Emma and one who doesn't whine as much as Annya.

Sunday, October 02, 2011
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