August 13, 2011

Emma Searches China

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Daddy, I'm really excited about going to China. I'm going to get on the internet and learn about China's Great Wall. That's a good idea Emma. Daddy did you know that some Chinese people believe in good and bad spirits? Really Emma. Yes Daddy, do you believe in bad spirits? No Emma, I don't believe in bad spirits. Some Chinese people due believe in bad spirits Daddy. Emma, those people are not very smart. Daddy, don't let Mommy hear you, so will be really mad at you!

Daddy, you are a very good cleaner. Can I help you mop the floor? Annya, you are still a little too small to mop the floor. Ok Daddy, but when I'm big and become a Dad, I'm going to be a good cleaner just like you! Emma then tells Annya that she will never be a Dad. Annya then says ok, when I'm a Mom I will be a good cleaner.

Yung's vocabulary continues to grow. His favorite words right now are look, hurt and rice. It is going to be nice to see him talking to his Chinese cousins soon. Ready or not, we are on the way to China.

Saturday, August 13, 2011
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