July 25, 2011

Do you believe?

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Daddy, do you believe in God? Yes, Emma. Then why doesn't Mommy? You and I have been taught to believe in God from the start of school. Mommy went to school in China. In China they don't teach the children to believe in God. Many Chinese people don't believe in God. Just because Mommy doesn't believe in God doesn't make it wrong or bad.

Daddy, I kicked Emma and she kicked me back. Is that fair Annya? Yes, Daddy that is fair. If you kick somebody 5 times, then that is not fair Daddy. If you kick Emma 4 times is that fair? No Daddy, that's too much. It has to be one, two or three times. So if you kick Emma 3 times it is ok? That is still too much; if I kick her one or two times it is fair. But Daddy you can't kick hard. If you kick hard one time, then it isn't fair. If you kick softly then you can kick a lot of times.

Monday, July 25, 2011
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