June 10, 2011

Emma, Annya, Yung and Mommy

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I have wanted to blog about the memorial weekend, about that Louis driving to Indiana in pouring rain, I sat relaxing watching the thick fog that was rain that made our car seem to be the only thing that was moving, and Annya and Yung slumbering in the back seat, Emma reading her Magic Tree House book, the "Annastatia" music played over and over and again ... But before I knew it, two weeks zipped through.

Louis has started his night shift, so just me and the kids spent night after night together. Yung would always want me, ma-ma-ma, he said. Annya always wants me too. Mommy, I want a hug, she said. Another hug? She said immediately after. There is always too much to do, dinner to cook and eat, books to read, music and/or games to play, pictures to draw. There is never enough time. Emma always moaned then it hits 9 o'clock, do we have time for a book? We always create a huge mess and go to bed without cleaning, Knowing that Louis will sweep clean them the next day. Cleaning is not my forte, neither the kids.

I have wanted to blog about and post Emma's Broadway Dream Big performance, which she did a fantastic star job. Oh, yes, sometimes she got too pleased with herself and forgot she was on stage, she searched the audience and beamed at us). It was on one Thursday afternoon. But then Thursday turned into Friday, and Friday simply disappeared.

Sunday came. Of course we love the Children's museum, of course we want to go. Before we set out, I asked Annya to promise not to be whinny, not to throw any temper tantrum. She promised. And Yung belt out: No More! We had a great time at CHM, Annya kept her promises, Emma was a little whinney because she wanted eat the junkies at MacDonald's (we did eventually). We had too much to play, some shows to watch, Emma and Annya can never take enough pictures or videos. We had lunch and Yung took a short nap, then back to play.

Friday, June 10, 2011
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