June 27, 2011

A day out to Lake Geneva

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Every once in a while, I have the urge to get out, out of Chicago, somewhere else. Indiana never do. Louis, despite his couch potato's tendency, is always a willing accomplice and chauffeur. He is even happy to lend me an arm to sleep on while driving car with the other arm; and the kids? They were jumping up and down upon the news that we were going. Does not matter where, just SOMEWHERE (They are completely MY kids, excitable, fun, moody, boredom-averse ...)

So Saturday, we were out. Out to the Lake Geneva in Wisconsin.

Louis was in charge of planning, which was none other than heading to the visitor center for recommendations and directions, which suited just as well for a small town.

Lake Geneva did not disappoint with its boat renting in every corner, and little kiddie golfs, and ice creams, and impressive-looking horse carriages. We crammed all of the fun in a day.

First golf, of course the kids cheated, we all did by dropping the balls in the hole. Even so, the people had to wait behind us forever; Then boat tour. Louis chose to do the boring one-hour boat tour that rambled on and on about the billion-dollar mansions that were built hundreds years ago and belonged to this founder of wrigley field or that owner of Drake hotel; To Louis' credit, he resisted my call to get a glass of Margarita to get slightly drunk and feel over-the-cloud-ly good, instead, he opted for gigantic ice creams for all of us; after which, we happily paid 50 bucks to take on a horse-carriage ride to have that elated feeling of riding like royalities. For a moment, we all did, when the horse made the tic-toc music, and people smiled and waved at us ...; at about 4, we headed to the sandy beach, Emma went ahead collecting shells, Annya made her sand castles and half-submerged herself in the gentle waves, yung was scared of the water, the sand, the waves, everything, however gradually relaxed and went around and stole other people's sand shovels and molds to dig sand. He was so small and cute and the day was so beautiful that people just smiled, they even left the tools behind for him, saying: hey, keep it, good looking!

That was a fun day! We have had pictures, many! Emma blogged about it too! Annya too, she drew pictures about the boat and the horse!

Monday, June 27, 2011
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