May 27, 2011

A summer day

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It is really getting warm now, so more and more we (mainly I) take the kids out to the park. The park is only three blocks away. Sometimes three blocks are just one block too far for three kids ranging from 1 year old to 7. Our neighbor Mason, a 8 year old boy, loves to join us. So five of us, Mason runs, skips and circles back; Emma and Annya runs and stops, picking tree leaves, picking and blowing dandelions, looking at ants, dragging along; Me, holds Yung, who sometimes toddles along, who also stops and crawls and picks up and tastes little sticks, flowers or who-knows-what. It is no-less thrilling / scary for me than riding a roller coaster when we cross the streets. Good thing that cars always have enormous patience and sympathy for us. So we are safe.

At the park, Mason will run wild with bigger kids. Emma and Annya? I am not really sure. My focus is Yung. Yung loves swinging. When he goes up and down in the air, he winks unconsciously and giggles. Yung also got the (wrong) idea of how to slide all by himself. He climbs up all the way, then put himself belly down on fours, then wee-slide. Last Sunday we had a little rain, the slide was sprinkled with water, Yung slid anyway, then he looked at his wet shirt and at me, as if saying: ah-oh. Then he smiled and went back sliding again.

Then we go home, Emma and Mason skid and run, Annya cannot herself stopping everywhere, Yung just sits in my arms contently.

At home it is different kind of battle and chaos, three kids all want to talk and have the full attention. Annya wants her milk, Yung wants his milk too, from me (yes, he still fights to get his breast milk every day). But then Yung will fall asleep, Emma and Annya will be mesmerized by the love between princesses and princes, then they will draw. I will read them books and send them to bed, with Yung eager to switch off the light and says: nigh-nigh.

Friday, May 27, 2011
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