May 30, 2011

Night at the movies

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It was a rainy Saturday afternoon so I decided to take the kids and the significant other to the movies. We decided to go see Kung Fu Panda. When we arrived, it was pouring rain. Daddy being such a great Dad drops everybody off at the front door entrance. Daddy finally arrives soaking wet. Mommy then said that she left her glasses in the car. Great, Daddy gets to run in the the rain again to get Mommies other eyes.

Running back and forth gave Daddy a crave for popcorn. What size popcorn should Daddy buy? The small was too small, the medium was ok but the bucket was only 75 cents more than the medium. The purchase of a bucket can now be justified.

Daddy walks in the theater wet and with a bucket off popcorn. Mommy asked why such a big bucket of popcorn? It was only 75 cents more than the medium. Mommy said ok. The kids attacked the bucket like ants on top of sugar. The bucket was half the size of Annya; but she became the Master and care taker of the popcorn. Half way through the movie, the popcorn was nearly gone. Emma and Annya then had to go to the restroom. Don't know if it was from the popcorn or from the fierce non stop fighting from the Panda.

The movie and all the popcorn finished. Emma, did you like like the movie? Yes Daddy, but it was a little scary. Annya, Did you like the movie? No, Daddy it was too scary; maybe just a little bit. We then decided to get more junk food and eat at Pizza Hut. Mommy then saw that the chocolate covered bread sticks were on sale. That justified the purchase for me. So we ended the night with the chocolate bread sticks that came with a chocolate dip. At least the dip was a dark chocolate.

Monday, May 30, 2011
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