May 30, 2011

The master do-er

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I am counting the words that Yung can speak, not many, actually, only a few: ma-ma, da-da (he only belatedly started to call Louis Da-Da and still constantly, conveniently call him ma.), ball, by-by, more-more, bo-ber (could be for birdies and books), since yesterday, he has added a new word: u-u-p-p. I think he sometims also said po-op, but cannot be sure. He is a master user of No-No. He answers every question with a emphatic No. "Yung, do you want mommy to change your diaper?", "No, No!" He also shakes his head vigorously to make sure that he means it.

But whatever he cannot say, he does.

At a very early age (6 mos old), he can bring me a book on demand! Louis was incredulous.

He throws ball professionally, far and hard, we have to cover our faces so not get hit.

He is a master fitter. He always pulls open markers, then tries very hard to put the caps back on. He can do blocks remarkably well.

Now everyday meal is his chance to practice using a fork, a spoon or a pair of chopsticks. Very often he cannot fork/scoop up anything, but then he put his utensils back into the bowl, try again, then try again. Or sometimes he cheats, he uses his hands to pick up the food then put it in his spoon. We cheer for him anyway even when he cheats.

Of course, he has pretended he is talking on the phone by pressing our cellphone to his ear. He tries to put his shoes, socks on. He has no problem taking them off. He loves to switch on and off our lights, turn on and off our TV, computer and sometimes the stove. He also tries to charge our phones (he got the idea, but so far has not been able to do it).

My little master do-er

Monday, May 30, 2011
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