April 13, 2011

Things to look forward too

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Yung will be 15 months old soon. We are still waiting for him to walk. His maximum distance is approximately 4 toddler steps. He does take the cutest steps that I have ever seen though. Yung will throw up both hands straight up in the air and wobble the steps that he can. Some day soon he will be walking opening another can of worms.

Annya will be turning four shortly. She has become a good singer. Her teacher has asked Annya to sing at the schools graduation. One more year until she will be able to ride the yellow bus with Emma and start her educational journey.

Emma will be getting a new bike. She almost learned how to ride a bike last year. It was fun watching mommy yelling, I mean instructing Emma how to ride a bike. She continues to do well in school and is becoming a better tap dancer.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
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