March 02, 2011

Yung goes to day care

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Yung is a little slow. At 13 months going 14 months old, he still barely walks, though he crawls around fast and furious (happy) like a centipede. His vocabulary is below average too, a stretched list of 6 words : ma-ma, da-da, ball, boo (for book), woo (for the sounding of a car), bao-bao (baby). I would have taken him to a speech therapist on impulse if i know where i can find one. And for sure, I have googled for some time about "13 months cannot walk".

Sure, there is a chorus of suggestions, personal stories of the sorts, the consensus is it is absolutely normal.

It is not possible to assume otherwise though, even for a mommy like me. He is such a petty, vivacious boy. He probably does not need to talk, he can always get what he wants, by pointing, and making ah, oh sound. He is great at adapting to new environment. On Monday we started to send him to a home day care center, and he immediately seemed to have done a good job to like there and be liked. The teachers here all cheerfully told what a good boy he has been.

Sure, the day care center being such a delightful place helped. It has a open space decorated with paintings from ceiling to floor, very well organized, yet has every sorts of little toys i can think of. It even has a little crawl area with rows of mirrors and sets of door handles and chains. I never knew a home day care could be so fancy and cozy.

Emma and Annya loved the little place too. When we visited, Annya was unfailingly dressed up as a bride. So with a wedding gown and a veil, she pushed a baby cart around laughing. They did not want to leave.

I guess home is a beastly place for Annya. At home Annya is forever a whiner, then she promises she will not be whinny for a whole day, a whole week. "Then mommy, you will give me a present, right?", she would ask; or "Whinny is not good. Only baby whine".

Annya is on the brink of becoming a reader. She would hold a book and "read fluently" with her own words. She begins to tell tall tales. Yesterday I asked: "Annya, what did you do in school?", she said: "I build a boat that sailed to the ocean. Ms. Joanne sat on it, Mr. Peter sat on it, Ms. Kwen sat on it ... Davin and I are not friends, I built the boat, he put stickers on it."

Annya is a great helper through, she is especially good at peeling garlic. She would stand on a stool, peel a whole cup of garlic for me. She can cut quite well, even better than Louis. She cuts tomatos, green onions, cucumbers and tofu for me.

Emma is a good helper too. Her little cooking class teaches me a course or two. Emma is always good. She is a good reader for her age. In my great desire for her to become a true great reader, I push her to read real books. So sometimes I assign her to read articles in Time, or the Rolling Stone, or The New Yorker. We borrow / buy real novels. She can read most of the words, but I found her comprehension is fragmented. Working on it. I don't want to be a tiger mom, but I want them to grown into great and competent persons nontheless.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011
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