March 25, 2011

Waiting for the spring!

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We have been a little negligent in blogging. Emma has not. One day after I saw the little comments her teacher left on her paper, questioning with startling exclamation marks: "this is supposed to take you 2-3 minutes, you spent 20 minutes!"; On the writing portion of the next page, the teacher continued: "This was finished after the test!". She scored nearly nothing on that section.

I gasped. My temper rose (But really how could it come as surprise? Emma has been a little slow in doing almost anything and almost ever since she was little, on the plus side, she always strives to do things perfectly, she even has to fold her underwear perfectly.) I sat Emma down and demanded her to write about the show-case night we went together. She was put off and shut down. It took her almost 3 hours to finish the piece. However after she got back to her usual cheerful self, We made it a routine for her to blog everyday.

Luckily for me and for her, she by nature is good at writing and great at reading and always hungry for learning. Now her writing flows more easily and she giggles when she writes something funny. And she loves to see the number of her posts growing. Proof!.

That her life keeps brimming with show-cases and performances helps. One week before she had a night of show-casing, she dragged me through the beaming parents (one of them was me) and showed me that various things she made that were on display: the books, the posters, the wind-socks, the poems and the puppets...; the first graders also performed a little play and a song: if i could talk to the animals. For days, Emma was singing that song at home, and Annya soon was singing it too. Yesterday she had the Broadway kids performance. The dream-big shows were all right. The kids supposedly wrote their own play, so I do not blame that all that they could think of was shopping. Shopping on a snow day, shopping on a hot day.

Annya's life seems to be less exciting, but she is happy. She is a stubborn little girl, she likes to play games just see how you react. I suspect one day she will be the one of the rebellious teenagers who would give me silent treatment or bristle at my parental advice (Like the teenage me.) She likes to draw, but tactfully only draws what she chooses. I say: please draw me a bird. She'd say: but Mom, the bird flies away. I say: where is the tree? She'd say: the wind blows the tree away... Saying her draw picture is fun though, because she turns every blob into a car, or a cloud or something and she made a tall tale out of it. She has the license to say anything!

Little Yung continues to grow. He manages to stand on his own and is immensely pleased with himself, but still needs to hold onto things to walk. Bravery or recklessness may not be his trait. He throws everything, hard and far, I think he can have a career in throwing, maybe baseball. He made all kinds of interesting sounds, the latest one: oops or something in that direction.

Cannot wait for the Spring to come. The real spring with tender green grass and colors of blue, red, purple and yellow and more, and the warm sun shines brightly, when Yung can truly toddle along.

Friday, March 25, 2011
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