March 25, 2011

Time is ticking

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Emma has become a perfectionist with no regards to time. Everything she does is perfect and flawless; unfortunately it is done too slow. She doesn't like to be rushed and usually stops if you ask her to hurry. She does get motivated by anger. When she is angered she can get ready in five minutes; which normally takes her 55 minutes. Hopefully soon she will realize time is just as important as perfection. When she does her opportunities will be limitless. In the mean time HURRY UP EMMA!!!!!

Annya is becoming a story teller. Sometimes they are a little hard too follow: Daddy one day when I was Emma's age; I wanted to have a baby. I don't want a baby anymore. She is also very stubborn and loves to be pampered. If you ask her to put on her socks and shoes she will either tell you no or I can't find my shoes without even looking for them. But if you put on her socks and shoes she smiles from ear to ear.

Yung is putting off walking for as long as he can. He can out crawl a centipede but can't beat a turtle walking unless he has some type of support. He can now stand without support. If you ask him to walk he will give you the biggest smile and not move as to say; do you think I'm crazy, I will fall and get hurt if I try too walk. At least he can't walk away from me when he gets mad.

Friday, March 25, 2011
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