February 14, 2011

Who is the Teacher?

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Annya has locked the door to a room with no one inside a couple of times. Emma has watched me take the door knob off and open the door. She can probably unlock a door herself. After coming home from work I find the bathroom door missing a door knob. I asked Emma in the morning if Annya locked the door again? She said yes. She then said that Mommy was trying to put the screw driver in the middle of the door knob. Emma then said that she told Mommy that the screw driver doesn't go there; it goes where the two screws are. Emma then said that Mommy told her to shut up.

Annya has been proud of her gas lately. Daddy I just farted. Good job Annya! Daddy I just farted with my mouth. Nice.

Monday, February 14, 2011
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