February 15, 2011

Sweet Valentine - little progress report of Yung, Annya and Emma

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Up to date, Yung has already had two surgeries. So up to now in Yung's young life, he has already raked up more than 20k medical bills before insurance. God forbids us not to have good insurance.

Money aside, Yung took all surgeries, infections, colds alike valiantly and nonchalantly. That is, as if nothing happened or is happening. Half an hour after his 2nd surgery, he slept tummy down and snoring soundly, then he wanted milk. He never made a sound when he had ear infections, we would have missed them if I did not constantly peek into his ears.

A good boy and a mommy's boy is he. He follows me from room to room, ma-ma, ma-ma. He is still not daring enough to stand and walk. However he can walk fast and steady if I hold his hands. Like mommy, like sisters, he loves books. He can sit in his book piles for 30 minutes straight, pointing, making coo-coo sounds, or ro-ar, ro-ar sounds for lions and bears. When we sing, he hmm-hmm along and we all laugh.


Emma is still the perfect sister to Yung, yet not-so-perfect sister to Annya. Even so, they two have become closer and closer, with Annya plays her little needy sis roles, Emma takes the mantle of knowing-it-all and you-follow-me. So Emma draws, Annya colors. Emma reads, Annya laughs. Sometimes they collaborate on a big picture, and I got extraordinary gorgeous colors and impressionist pictures. By the way, Annya has become better and better in drawing.

Annya still whines a lot, defensively, accusingly ... she is sometimes acting like a little mean sister to Yung, taking away Yung's books, toys, intentionally blocking the way of Yung ... but she is quick to say Sorry without being sincere.

Yesterday was Valentine. Poor Emma, she had to make 32 plus cards for her classmates, at least she got a lot of heart (candies) back. Annya too, she got a bag of sweets home too. So Yung got some by extension too.

So my big bunch of little kids had a sweet day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
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Kratik said...

Very well written.
A great experience and yes, it sure was too good not to share. Great Photos.

Have you ever felt grateful to your teachers. Well, if you haven't, I sure have.
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