January 13, 2011

My baby my big boy one year old

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On Jan 16th, this Sunday, Yung will be one year old. He has grown so much, crossed so many milestones! I still remembered how he hated tummy-time. Whenever I put him face down, he would just lay there and cry hopelessly. How he progressed from that to now he crawls as fast as centipede, eludes me. Last night he called me ma-ma over and over, then he continued to say: bao-bao, bao-bao, because I always call him bao-bao, little baby.

The poor little baby. Among my three little ones, Yung surprisingly has the most health issues. Not to mention his neck was completely red and bright, become fertile ground for bacteria. He was on the verge of jaundice, I fed him breast milk nonstop and brought his jaundice to normal; He failed to pass his hearing test, then he passed (Thank God or whatever); Then he needed tubes, then ear infections, then another ear infection, then another; He is constantly congested. Now he needs a second set of ear tubes and adenoids removal.

All of that does not seem to affect Yung much though. Throughout, he is just so sweet and vital and more and more gorgeous each day. That blotched red face has long gone, so is the layered fat chin-chin and the barely existed neck, now this little baby has perfect and fair skin, gorgeous big and expressive eyes, quick and sweet smile, slightly curly hair ... he is my little precious beautiful baby. I sometimes think my kids are too beautiful which may or may not be a good thing.

With three kids, one (sometimes one and a half) full-time job , I had less time to spend with Yung, but at least he comes home very day. Everyday when I come home, the two girls run to me, then little Yung, crawl full speed to me. Mommy-mommy. He cries if I have to use bathroom. Only after I feed him, he will be satisfied and look up and around happily. Emma is the adoring sister to Yung, however, just like the way Emma and Annya play and compete and argue and tell on each other, Annya is also having the complex with Yung, she likes to be the big and loving and caring sister, she also has to be scolded from time to time: Annya, do not take the book away from the baby ...

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My little baby my big boy one year old

Thursday, January 13, 2011
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