January 25, 2011

Circle of Life

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Yung continues to get smarter. He can't say Blue Ray Player but he knows how to turn it on and take out a DVD. Also when he picks up something from the floor and is told "no" he will give you the item but then he immediately asks for it back as if to say I found it first. When he does find something eatable on the floor, he doesn't hesitate to put it in his mouth and then he turns around to see if anyone caught him taking a quick snack.

Emma has been a great sister. She is always looking food or fruit to give Yung. He is too heavy for Emma to carry; but that doesn't stop her. She puts him in a bear hug, nearly chokes him and drags him from one room to another. He doesn't seem to mind the abuse.

Annya finally has someone she can say no too. Her entire life she has heard no from Emma. Now she has Yung. Annya will be eating a piece of candy and say no junk food for Yung right Daddy? Right Annya. You shouldn't be eating too much junk food either Annya. Yes Daddy, just one more piece ok?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
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