January 04, 2011

Christmas and the New Year!

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It was the time of the year, Emma, Annya, even/especially the baby, got a lot of presents. To go high-tech, we got them Zhu-Zhu hamsters, then Wii (Kids fit). As the hottest IT presents, both were sold. So we actually had to wait after Christmas. No matter. I think we are not those people who, on the Christmas morning would tiptoe to the Christmas tree to check for presents, cry in disappointment or jump in joy depending on the available toys. No. We enjoy the presents just the same.

Emma is a sophisticated gamer, she quickly figured out how to jump or run or throw a ball as required by the Wii game, she got many many gold medals. Annya was a little intimidated, however she got a lot of silvers. So she was happy. We are still trying to find a way so Annya be less whinny, and Emma be less overbearing or overly authoritative when being with Annya.

Yung, the little baby, is getting cuter and beautiful each day. He is quick to laugh. He wants more and more tricks. So we do pick-a-boo, he wants another one, he waits, then he bursts out laughing in anticipation. He is like a little bug now, crawls rapidly everywhere. He opens every drawer, put things in and out, give things to mommy then take it back. Finally he said "ma"!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011
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