December 18, 2010

Emma Performs

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Emma performed twice this week. Her first performance was singing and acting. She looked a little shy on the stage. She only had two class mates with her and the other students were older. She remembered her lines but was a little quiet. She didn't sing all the words to a song. I gave her a rating of six.

It is ironic because we normally have to tell Emma your are too loud; you need to give Annya a chance to speak. In a group setting she seems to be a little more reserved. Mommy and Daddy then told Emma, when she was being loud at home; we want you to perform that way on stage, loud and confident.

Her second performance was tap dancing. She was a goof ball every time she practiced. We then told her she needed to be serious. Emma actually performed very well. She was much more relaxed and had a confident look on her face. Her tap dancing was also improved. I decided to give her a rating of nine. There is always room for improvement and Emma has definitely improved.

Saturday, December 18, 2010
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