November 01, 2010

Free Junk Night

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This is the best night for all candy lovers including Emma and Annya. Emma was ready to go with no fears; besides her fear of dogs. Annya was a little hesitant. She remembered last years ghosts and goblins. Her love for Junk Food is too strong to keep her at home. She was ready for tricks or treats.

We were off in the cold night searching for friendly houses with the lights turned on. Many scary creatures were around us. All shapes and sizes. They seemed to be friendly and wanted to get Junk Food just like us.

I tried to get Emma and Annya to say trick or treat. They both said I Don't Want To. They did say thank you after they were given a treat. Some houses were decorated very nicely and scary. I was forbidden to ask for Junk in the scary houses. The girls would say that the house was too scary. I tried to tell them it was not real and they would say; we know it isn't real but it is too scary.

It started to get darker, scarier and colder. Annya then said that Mommy told her to hold Daddy's hand because she might hit a car. There were no cars around but I didn't want to take a chance that Annya would hit a car so I held her hand.

It was time to end our search. One more house girls then we go home. Annya then said; Daddy I had a good time. Can we do this again? Yes Annya, we will do it again next year. Daddy, next year means later right? Right Annya, we will do it again later.

Monday, November 01, 2010
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