November 29, 2010

First Turkey Dinner

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Mama cooked our first Turkey home made dinner. She cleaned the Turkey extremely well. Too well. Mama removed everything including the temperature probe. Daddy was a little worried. Even Daddy knows what a temperature probe is. She insisted that the Turkey will come out fine. The 20 lb Turkey cooked for 5 hours. Mama then checked it with the reliable chop stick. Chop stick said the Turkey was ready.

The chop stick was right. The Turkey was cooked and very juicy. The side dishes were also tasty. We all eat until we were feeling like the stuffed Turkey. Emma, Annya and Yung enjoyed their Turkey dinner but are still too young to be thankful for everything they have.

I will be thankful for them for having a wonderful mom that loves them, feeds them, bathes them, plays with them, reads to them and constantly thinks about first even before Daddy. May our family grow with continued happiness and have many more reasons to be thankful for.

Monday, November 29, 2010
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